The Centre has the mandate of promoting/coordinating the following programme among others:

  1. Provide all round Business Education
  2. Training on various vocational/business development skills by way of seminars, exhibitions of products and workshops towards skills development for the university graduates, the University community and beyond.
  3. Filling skill gaps among artisans and craft. This include upgrading the practical knowledge of artisans and crafts such as auto-mechanic, mechanic, electricians, etc, on recently developed or emerging technology. This training can be taken in pigeon English or local language
  4. High-tech training for Chief Executive and professional in entrepreneurial matters, human resources development (HRD) and other relevant skills.
  5. Collaborate with Government and Non-Governmental Agencies (NGOs) in developmental programme/ project survey studies and implementations.
  6. Specialized training for pensioners, migrants, Government officers, etc.
  7. Training both in ‘soft and hard’ skills. While soft skills are delivered as business education in seminars and talk shops, the hard skills are basically vocation/ crafts/ exhibitions/ trade. The Centre had successfully organized vocational training and exhibition of products for students and the general public in various skills which include:


  1. Textile Design/Production
  2. Fashion Designing
  • Arts and Crafts
  1. Food Processing/Packaging
  2. Floriculture
  3. Visual/Graphic and Photography
  • Masonry/Building Maintenance
  • Furnishing/Interior and External Decoration
  1. Fingerling Production (Fisheries)
  2. Shoe Making
  3. Cosmetics
  • Forex Trading
  • Fabrication
  • Woodwork
  1. Apiculture and Soft Skill
  • Hairdressing
  • Bead Making/Wire Works
  • Perfume and Soap Making
  • Fish Farming and
  1. CCTV Installation and IP Surveillance
  • Value Addition
  • Hydroponics
  • Biogas

In the recent, considering the focus of FUNAAB and leveraging on the cooperation, partnership and facilities available in other units in the University such as DUFARMS, AMREC, FUNAAB Companies, CAVA II Alpha Poultry Farms and so on, CENTS has introduced more agri-business and vocational skills such as:


  1. Bread baking and other related value-addition products (processing, packaging and marketing)
  2. Garri value-addition (processing, packaging and marketing)
  • High Quality Cassava Flour (HQCF) production
  1. Odorless fufu flour production
  2. Palm wine value-addition (processing, packaging and marketing)
  3. Palm oil value-addition (processing, packaging and marketing)
  • Palm kernel value-addition (processing, packaging and marketing)
  • Cashew nuts and Drinks value-addition (processing, packaging and marketing)
  1. Cosmetics – Herbal soap and shea-butter based creams (processing, packaging and marketing)
  2. Evergreen value chain projects
  3. Catering and food processing, packaging and marketing
  • Organic Agriculture and Management
  • Poultry rearing and value-addition (processing, packaging and marketing)
  • Herbs, Spices and value-addition (processing, packaging and marketing)
  1. Hydroponic farming and management
  • Forage management and conservation
  • Agricultural storage and packaging technology
  • Farm machine fabrication technology
  • Farm machine maintenance technology
  1. Evaporative coolant systems for fruits and vegetables
  • Apiculture and medicinal uses of honey and herbs
  • Rabbit rearing and value addition (processing, packaging and marketing)
  • Fresh healthy juice drinks and smoothies
  • Aquaculture/fish farming
  • Value addition and marketing of fish product
  • Value addition and marketing of meat, pork and poultry products
  • Confectioneries, snacks and small chops.
  • Biofuel generation and management
  • Mushroom cultivation and value addition (processing, packaging and marketing)
  • Biogas generation and management
  • Snail rearing and value addition (processing, packaging and marketing)
  • Seed business (production, processing, packaging and marketing)
  • Saw mill development and utilization of wood.
  • Establishment of Forests tree Seedlings
  • Grass-cutter value addition


  1. Arts & Crafts
  2. Leather Works/Shoe Making
  • Crocheting and Accessories
  1. Customized/Designers Candle Production
  2. Events Planning
  3. Fashion Designing
  • Flowers, Slippers and Hat making
  • Household cosmetics
  1. Laundry and Cleaning Services
  2. Liquid Soap, Air-freshener and Disinfectants
  3. Make Over, Beads & Gele Tying
  • Designer Bags Making
  • Music and Dramatic Art
  • Paint making and Designs
  1. Photographic and Media Coverage
  • Speaking and Presenting Skills
  • FOREX Trading
  • Web Design/Development/Hybrid Mobile Application
  • CCTV Installation and IP Surveillance Camera
  1. Computers and Handset Repairs
  • Bitcoin & Online Trading
  • Modelling
  • Barbing
  • Hair Dressing and Wig Making
  • Textile Design
  • Hotels management