26 Aug 2019

Agribusiness Skills Development and Management

  1. Bread baking and Value-addition
  2. Garri Value-addition processing
  3. Palm wine Value-addition processing
  4. Palm oil Value-addition processing
  5. Palm kernel value-addition processing
  6. Cashew nuts and Drinks value-addition processing
  7. Cosmetics (Herbal soap and sheabutter based Creams)
  8. Evergreen Value Chain Projects
  9. Catering, Food Processing and Packaging
  10. Organic Agriculture and Management
  11. Poultry Rearing and Value-addition processing
  12. Herbs, Spices and Value-addition processing
  13. Hydrophonic Farming and Management
  14. Forage Management and Conservation
  15. Apiculture and Medicinal Uses of Honey and Herbs
  16. Rabbit Rearing and Value addition processing
  17. Fresh Healthy Juice drinks and smoothies
  18. Aquaculture/Fish farming
  19. Value addition and Marketing of Fish Product
  20. High Quality Cassava Flour (HQCF) Production
  21. Odorless Fufu Flour Production
  22. Confectioneries Snacks and Small Chops.
  23. Biofuel Generation and Management
  24. Mushroom Cultivation and Value addition processing
  25. Biogas Generation and Management
  26. Snail Rearing and Value addition Processing

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